Asmara - “piccolo Roma“

The capital Asmara is 2 350 m high and it was founded around 12th century in Arbate Asmere, where the name Asmara came from. The spot was chosen because the quantity of water was enough for the population; it used to be the base for travelers between the Red sea and the high lands of the country.

At the end of the 19th century, before the arrival of Italians, the prince Tigrinya Ras Alula made of Asmara his own capital and the town became important for caravan traders until the general Baldissera of Italian army took the town in 1889.

Later in 1897, the capital colonial moved from Massawa to Asmara by Martini, the first Italian governor of Eritrea and Asmara became the capital colonial of the Italian Empire in East Africa.
In the beginning, only military camps where build until the Duce Mussolini decided to build the city and the infrastructures of the country. Many students of architecture from the universities of Italy were sent to Asmara to build the new town and Capital of the Italian colonial empire called Piccolo Roma, the little Rome.

But unfortunately, many infrastructures build in Asmara as well as in the country were destroyed by the war and the buildings in Asmara were saved because most of the war happened in Massawa and Keren. The town of Asmara was not bombarded during the Second World War and the independence war.

The weather in Asmara is cool and tropical thanks to the highland, and the population of the capital is about 1 000 000 inhabitants, including the region of Asmara population. Cappucino and Italian promenade is still the life style of the town. The city tour is the main tour activity of the town, visiting the architecture and the market of Asmara. But en route to Massawa or Keren, you stop for panoramic views and monasteries.

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