TRAVEL DJIBOUTI - Sea Tour Destination

Djibouti, where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean
”the submarine richness of Djibouti”

The main economy of Djibouti is based on the sea activities: the harbours. The country has wonderful beaches and magnificent exotic diving hotpots because the Republic of Djibouti is located at the point where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean, and it is also the home of migrating whale sharks between Octobers and beginning of Februarys. The particularity of the country is the nature of the submarine funds.

What makes Djibouti unique as an ecosystem is the profuse marine life resulting from the mix of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, as their waters mix right here in the Northern part of the country: Obock. Djibouti is one of the major territories bordering the Gulf, with Yemen on the opposite side. The volcanic origins of this region make a very deep fund “break” attracting the predators that, arriving of the deep waters, come to search for fish forages present in number on the trays (10 to 20m depth). And Djibouti is the best spot for fishing big fish.

To the avoid explorer and diver we present the land of the “Devil’s Caverns”, the country where two French adventurers and writers, Arthur Rimbaud and Henri de Monfreid, lost themselves in great adventures, here in the land of Djibouti, we offer you to follow in their tracks, and join the adventure diving that exists only where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean…