Djibouti City Tour

  • Djibouti derived from the word YABOUTI, which means COOKWARE in Afar!
  • Djibouti derived from the word BOUTI, which means MONSTER in Issa /Somali!
  • Djibouti derived from the word GABOUTI, which means HILL in Arabic!

Among those 3 versions, it is up to you to choose which one you refer but the town of Djibouti was founded by Mr Leonce Lagarde, the former Governor and founder of the Republic of Djibouti! The town of Djibouti was founded around 1890’s because it was the perfect spot to build the harbour and the railway to connect Ethiopia to Djibouti Sea. The town is divided into 2 areas: the European quarter, and the African quarter where the former African market (marché central) was located. During the city tour our tour guide would explain you more about the culture and history of Djibouti.
Half day is enough to visit Djibouti town and the tour starts at 8 am in morning and finishes at noon by lunch time and it is also possible from 3 pm to 7 pm until dinner time.
Here the visiting places: Djibouti downtown European quarter, the Market in African quarter, train station, the 5 harbors area of Djibouti, Balbala, PK 12, Doraleh, Ambouli, Airport road, Haramous and Souvenirs Shopping area.

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Come and Explore Djibouti, the land of adventures with the team of BAMBU Service Touristik, we guarantee you an unforgettable and wonderful experience making your trip an enjoyable and best one.

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