The Republic of Djibouti

the land of adventures
DjiboutiThe Republic of Djibouti is about 23 200 km² and the country is located in the region of Horn of Africa in East Africa. The country is also located in the triple junctions between the African plate, the Somali and the Arabian plates. The population of Djibouti is about 850 000 and the two third of the population live in Djibouti town. The main inhabitants of the country are the Issa tribe in the South and the Afar tribe in the North, but there are also others ethnic groups from Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia living in Djibouti town.Djibouti_map

The country has wonderful different kinds of landscapes: sea, ocean, gulf, forest, mountains, deserts and lakes. The landscape changes from place to place, especially around Lac Assal and Lac Abbée, the landscape is amazing and it looks like you are on different planet. However Djibouti is a NEW DESTINATION for land tours, the country has many wonderful geological and historical sites to propose to visitors. But for sea tours, the country has always been one of the best places in the world for diving and most of tour operators are well organized and prepared for sea tours. Goubet Al kharab, Plage d’Arta or Arta Beach and Iles de 7 frères (7 brothers Islands or Sawabi Islands), all these mentioned spots are well known by divers and International diving centres.

Have you ever heard about Goubet Al-kharab and the legend of the Devil Islands?
The spot of Goubet is well known by most of Professional Divers in the world and that made of Djibouti one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkelling (Iles de 7 frères –7 brothers Islands or Sawabi Islands), and that is why most of visitors in Djibouti are divers whether Professional or Amateurs. For diving & snorkelling, Djibouti Submarine Richness is one of the best in the world thanks to more than 140 types of endemic corals fund around 7 brothers Islands. And don’t forget the Whale Shark season between Octobers and beginning of Februarys.

Djibouti is also the land of Safari, rich in fauna and flora. There are some endemic animals found in Republic of Djibouti like for example the endemic bird FRANCOLIN DE DJIBOUTI, the BEIRA gazelle, Smaller than Dik dik and the Hyrex. There are many animals in Djibouti like: Giraffe Gazelle, Summering Gazelle, Thomson Gazelle, Dik-Dik Gazelle, Chita, hyena, ostrich and many kinds of bird’s: eagle, vulture and Djibouti Francolin. And the Camels, Donkeys, Goats and sheep’s; which are the richness of nomad people.

Visiting Lac Abbée is like visiting another planet, it’s wonderful, amazing and unique! And Lac Assal with all the colours around, it is really a beautiful place to discover!